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Prevention is better than cure
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Prevention is better than cure

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Reach Kids Before Drugs Do

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NYOPE is destroying our children

Our youth has a new destroyer... Nyaope is silently infiltrating the lives of our youth ...
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  • March 2017

A Research Based True Story Book

In this research based true story book, a qualitative research approach is adopted to collect data from nyaope addicts when they are given a platform to be heard. True stories of six addicts are told. Their nyaope addiction life is narrated from the time they started taking the drug to the time of their intense addiction. Additional true stories of dagga/marijuana addiction are told as well, just to give a clue of how nyaope addiction usually starts. The theme of the book is pinned to stand as a mechanism to prevent the spread of nyaope addiction, which is already prevalent in South Africa.

The narrators give a detailed account of the effects of nyaope, which is based on hundred percent true personal stories collected as research data from addicted participants. Their stories possess a powerful literary element that evokes emotional upheavals. Tshepo who is the researcher’s messenger but also an addict calls Bokang who was once severely beaten by the community for stealing in his neighborhood, to respond to interview questions from the researchers, Duncan and Martin. He also calls on Tumelo who had wasted R21, 000 from his grandmother’s pension money to go to rehab, only to relapse. He went on to call on Mike who had said in the interview that he could kill a person if instructed to do so by someone who could reward him with nyaope. The addicts honestly disclose details of their life of addiction, which sounds more similar to a life of a dead walking person. The book reveals a character called The Friend, who exists in real life, who plays a central role towards recruiting young men and women into nyaope addiction. The whole process of getting into this cruel addiction and the hard addiction life are narrated in a very interesting writing style in this book.

"Parenting in the 21st Century has evolved tremendously with new sets of challenges emerging, such as drug addiction, increasing peer pressure and social acceptance. Douglas and Matthews, our authors, offers one of the most authoritative guides yet on how modern parents can navigate the challenging times our children live in today. “The choices we make can greatly increase our chances of raising a child who becomes a happy, productive adult.”

Tshepo's story

“We need this, young man, to tell the world about your lives. People like us, do not understand your life very well as we think. We would like to make it better understood to everyone, to make it easy for the society to gradually come to fore. Society needs to take the necessary remedial action to eliminate the spread of addiction among young ones.”

 Douglas Makoena - Author

holds a Master’s degree in Language Practice (Cum Laude), obtained from Tshwane University of Technology. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Languages, Linguistics and Literature at UNISA. He studied for . another Master’s degree in Development (MDEV) at University of Limpopo, which he

Matthews Seko - Co-Author

Matthews Seko holds a Diploma in IA obtained from TNT with various IT certificates obtained from accredited institutions such as Microsoft, Informix and Unix. Matthews had worked as a developer for Infotech specializing in Visual basic. His main projects were the Persal, EIS, FMS & BAS for
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We can prevent this...we can stop the spreading of this desease by knowing what it is, what it does to our children but more... We can prevent this by learning from the mistakes of others!
This book is all about experiencing the drug through the lives of others... How they got intoduced to it, how they got addicted, what it did to them and how it destroyed them and their families.
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Nyaope Articles

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August 2015

The drug is NYAOPE

The drug is Nyaope -- also known as whoonga or wunga -- and for the past decade, it's been eating away at the slums of South Africa. While the scary ...

Book Extracts

  • Mogale's Story
    Mogale's Story

    He had worked for two different security companies. He however hadn’t lasted. He was already into drugs when he entered the world of employment.

  • Bokang's Story
    Bokang's Story

    It was as if there was this devil who had been residing inside my body who kept demanding nyaope to be in my system, who had become angry with

Know Your Enemy - NYAOPE

Nyaope, also known as Whoonga, is a dangerous and highly addictive South African street drug. Street Name (Nyaope) is a fine powder that is usually combined with marijuana (dagga) and smoked, it can also be snorted or injected.

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